How to Root Galaxy Note 5 Without Tripping Knox

People always want to be secured and protected in any aspects of their life- from social to financial, from physical to emotional. Because sometimes, the millenials have been regarding phones as a commodity, as much as you want yourself to become protected, you also wanted your precious phone to be come secured and protected too.

What is Knox?

Knox is a feature in Samsung that provides optimum security to your phone. Without it, your phone might have probably damaged already by various malwares and harmful apps.

Things you need to do first:

  1. Identify your Model number by going to Settings and tapping ‘About Phone.’
  2. Once you have finally identified it, you may now go to Download and install the root file that is compatible with your model number.
  3. Look for the latest stock firmware of your Model Number at the Immobile website.
  4. Download and install the tool at

Let the rooting magic begin! Here are all the steps that you need to take in order to root Galaxy Note 5:

  1. Open the installed root file.
  2. Run Odin.
  3. Select the PDA button then choose CF-Auto-Root-(Your Model Number).tar
  4. Enter to download mode by pressing and holding simultaneously the Power + Home+ Volume down buttons for at least 7 seconds.
  5. Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable.
  6. Select Start in Odin. Wait patiently as the red android logo disappears then pull the battery. Don’t wait for a normal booting!
  7. Revert back to download mode.

How to revert back to your original status?

  1. Extract the files that you installed from Sammobiles.
  2. Open the firmware file with .tar.md5 format.
  3. Extract the following: boot.img and recovery.img.
  4. Extract
  5. Place the recovery file to the extracted file.
  6. Select ImgToTar.MD5 in the folder. A file named as recovery.tar should appear on the same folder.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to have boot.img and get boot.tar.


  1. Put your phone to download mode and and connect it to your computer.
  2. Run Odin.
  3. Select PDA and choose recovery.tar.
  4. Press Start.
  5. Eject the battery immediately once it rebooted.
  6. Repeat steps 10 and 11for boot.tar.
  7. Reboot normally.

There you have already rooted your note 5 without removing the official status of your phone. Be safe and sound yet at the same time become an awesome user!

How to Root Galaxy Note 5 Without PC

Most rooting instructions will never be possible without the aid of a computer or a laptop. Usually, you are required to download various files and undergo a lot of downloading and installing processes that just keep your patience down from 10 to 5. But now, remove all those hassles in life because a whole new method will be introduced- rooting Galaxy Note 5 without using a computer. How cool would that be?

First, you should know the path you are heading to. This article wants to inform you beforehand that it will not be liable of any bricking experiences of your phone. It wants you to become a super user in your own way by following the steps accordingly and properly.

Why Should You?

Of course, even though rooting may cause your phone to become permanently bricked, here are some reasons why you should still push it through:

  1. Enhance your note 5’s performance through clockoking.
  2. Increase your battery life to 25%.
  3. Have power over all of your files.
  4. It’s safer.
  5. Lesser chances of data loss.

For your information, there are a lot of ways on how to root your note 5 without using your laptop but this article will show you what’s considered as the best based on feedback. Just by merely possessing your phone at hand, you can already become a super user! 

Using FramaRoot:

Do you know how awesome what this tool can do? It is superb! It was considered as the top most app in terms of doing the Galaxy Note 5 root without using a computer. Most models were supported by its algorithm.


  1. Download Framaroot
  2. On your phone, install APK.
  3. From your app drawer, open Framaroot.
  4. Select Boromir. Wait until a message saying ‘Su Installed successfully’ appears on the screen.

Anyway, nothing is perfect. If it did not work out, then you can try the Universal one.

Using the universal root:

When all else fails, you can try this app instead.


  1. Download and Universal AndRoot that is according to your Android version.
  2. In your phone, go to Settings and Enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Open Universal AndRoot.
  4. Select Root to

There you go, even though you don’t have a computer, you could still be a super user!

How to Root Galaxy Note 5 (Verizon)

It’s quite amazing how you could eventually realize that your phone can be far more than what it shows to you. Those applications and possibilities presented to you upon purchase are just 25% of what your phone could possibly be. Therefore, in order to know the perks that your Note 5 Verizon can provide when rooted, here are the steps to root Note 5:

Disclaimer: This article will not be liable from any damage to your phone. It is highly recommended that you follow each step carefully. Your phone is at risk from being bricked so you better be focused yet cool.  

  1. Download first the following prerequisites:

Once you have installed the files from the links above, you may now grab your phone and do the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap ‘About Phone’
  3. Choose ‘Build Number’ and tap it for about 7-10 times.



  1. Once you go back to the Settings screen, ‘Developer Options’ will then appear.
  2. Turn on USB Debugging then enable OEM unlock.
  3. Turn your phone off and enter to Download mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power, Home, and Volume down buttons for at least 5 seconds or once it appeared that your phone is already on download mode
  4. You will see a warning message sign. Don’t worry because you are at the right pace. Proceed by pressing the Volume Up button.
  5. Connect your phone to a laptop or PC through a USB cable.
  6. In your PC or laptop, open the installed Odin. Once successful, it will prompt you a message saying ‘Added’ if not, you need to repeat the above given steps.
  7. Once ‘Added’ was seen, choose the PDA/PA button then select the unikernel file you installed. Select auto reboot.
  8. In Odin, press ‘Start’ and wait for the completion of the loading task.
  9. Your phone will automatically enter the Recovery Mode and will prompt you a permission to be a Super user. Reboot your note 5.
  10. If successful, you would see a Super User option on your applications screen
  11. To check for verification, install a root checker from the Google Playstore.

Congratulations and enjoy!

How to Root Galaxy Note 5 (Sprint)

Nowadays, even an ordinary user like you can have a broad range of opportunities once you get to root your Samsung Note 5 Sprint. It allows you to become a super user who become literally super once it has finally grabbed all the opportunities and benefits that learning how to root Note 5 gives.

So in order to enjoy more what your Note 5 Sprint can bring out, here are the following steps to do:

Disclaimer: This site is not responsible of any damage of your own phone. You do it on your own risk and is highly recommended that you follow all steps accordingly.

  1. Download and install first the following files:

– N920T:

– N920P:

Super SU.apk.

ODIN 3.10.7 for Note 5.

Samsung drivers.

  1. In your phone, unlock OEM. You can do it through the following steps:
  • Tap Settings
  • Search and tap About Phone
  • Tap the ‘Build Number’ options for 8 times until the ‘Developer Options’ is enabled. You can check it by going back to the Settings screen.
  • Click it and choose ‘Enable OEM unlock’ by ticking the checkbox.
  1. Once you have successfully unlocked OEM, you can now reboot your note5 to Download mode.Here’s how you do it:
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold simultaneously the Home, Power, and Volume down buttons. This may be tricky but with repeated tries, you can successfully do it. Hold it until a warning sign appears on the screen.
  • Press the Volume Up button so you could finally enter in Download mode.
  1. Using a USB cable, connect your phone to a PC or laptop. Open Odin. Once connected, you should see a message saying ‘Added’


  1. Click AP in menu then selct the Noble Kernel you installed.
  2. Click the Start in Odin and wait for the flashing to be completed. You should expect a message saying ‘Pass’ on your computer screen.
  3. Your phone will automatically reboot and a message saying ‘Done!’ will appear on your screen.
  4. Install Supersu.apk in your note 5.
  5. Download a root checker for verfication.

You can now enjoy the perks of being a Super user!

How to Root Galaxy Note 5 (T-Mobile)

When was the last time you have encountered something as your first? Now, brace yourselves to Samsung’s latest gig- the first ever Galaxy Note 5 root in the world has finally within your reach! A completely perfectly working TWRP recovery is not the best part, but there is a bigger egg in store for you- this instruction on how to be a Superuser of T-mobile. Thanks to the magnificent mind behind the developer of Manh_IT, it has successfully created a new kernel known as the Noble Kernel.

What is Noble Kernel?

As the name implies Its mere availability is very important or noble because it is the only Samsung 5.1.1 firmware that can root T-mobile note 5. A lot of users has verified and provided their feedback on how effective the kernel is. But first things first.

Below are the following steps on how to flash the ultimate kernel to get your Note 5 root done.

  1. Trip out the know of your T-mobile. However, there are some risks which you should consider before you decide to fix trip your Knox.


 This will officially void your warranty so going to your Samsung store and asking them to fix your phone will not be possible anymore. also, a very special feature of your phone will be removed- Samsung pay.

  1. Download first the latest version of:
  • Download Noble Kernel with auto-root for N920T (.tar). However if the link shows the 404 page, you download SuperSU’s latest version instead. image1
  • Download SuperSU (.apk)
  1. With your phone’s auto-root, flash Noble kernel with Odin 3.10.6 through the following steps:  How to Install a Custom Kernel using Odin
  1. Once it’s already flashed, you need to download the SuperSU app which can be downloaded at Google Playstore. But if you cannot, you can download and install SuperSU.apk file instead.
  1. You can verify the success of your rooting through a checker app which can be downloaded from the Playstore.

There you go, enjoy being a Super user!